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StrobeLink™ Kit: Qty (6) Amber Strobes + QTY (1) 15" Mini Bar

StrobeLink™ Kit: Qty (6) Amber Strobes + QTY (1) 15" Mini Bar

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This kit includes the following components:

STROBES: 6 x BB6110A
MINI BAR: 1 x BB6011AK

The StrobeLink Type A Main Harness includes six (6) lights that is a wiring harness designed to allow installers to add six (6) perimeter strobes and a mini light bar into any truck. 

StrobeLink is a patent pending strobe light install kit that simplifies the installation of strobe lights on many different types of vehicles. With no cutting or splicing necessary, using this kit can potentially reduce labor costs by up to 75%. Easy replacement of damaged lights, minimizing downtime.


・Patent pending harness streamlines strobe light installation on work trucks.
Expandable system to fit any work truck with less than 10 feet long bed.
・Plug and play wiring system eliminates the need for cutting or splicing.
・The harness adds four (4), six (6) or eight (8) perimeter strobes and a mini bar.
・High temperature resistant wiring ensures durability in diverse working conditions.
・Weather tight connectors provide protection against leakeage and corrosion.
・Flexibility to control the strobes using provided switches or upfitter switches.
・Extension available for longer vehicles and customized build.


・Five (5) Core or three (3) Core Cable Black Sheath
・Five (5) Pin or three (3) Pin Plugs
・PVC Insulation to UL2517
・Tinned Copper Strands
・Max Amp: 15A
・Operating Voltage: 12 V DC
・Wire Colors: Black, Red, White, Grey, Yellow
・Rated Temperature 105℃ / 221℉
・UL VW-1 & CUL FT1 vertical flame test verified
・ROHS Compliant Oxygen Lead Free
・Rated Weatherproof IP69K
・Five (5) Year No Hassle Warranty


This kit includes the following components:<br data-mce-fragment="1">HARNESS: 1 x BB8KA06<br data-mce-fragment="1">STROBES: 6 x BB6110A<br data-mce-fragment="1">MINI BAR: 1x BB6011AK

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The all-in-one strobe light kit for maximum customization and installation efficiency.